Why Yoga?

Yoga is my play time and my time to set free. I feel like a child when I ‘play’ yoga asana but I had to do a lot of ‘grown up’ work on myself by applying the yoga sutras and other limbs of yoga to my life in order to really set myself free. It is something I constantly work with, and there is so much to learn from yoga.

I started my teacher training journey in Pilates but have always practised yoga.

After teaching Pilates for some time, I realised that the two, although very different, complement each other very well. I came to a cross road in my life and decided to take a journey to Bali to practise yoga and left four weeks later with my teacher training qualification and a sound mind.

Yoga builds incredible strength in your mind as well as your body. This is something I would love to pass on to everyone I meet.