Working To Your Edge

What does it actually mean in Pilates and Yoga? First of all, what exactly is your ‘edge’? I’ve been talking to clients recently about their ‘edge’ and everyone has a different opinion. The more I’ve been talking about it, the more it’s become clear that everyone has their own opinion and none of these opinions … More Working To Your Edge

Giving A Little BACCH

  Karma Yoga – ” Completing selfless actions to reach a point of mental purification, oneness with humanity and inner peace” Something I feel strongly about is donating to worth while causes I have donated some time to a Children’s hospice in the Middle East called BACCH. It’s a really special hospital for children who … More Giving A Little BACCH

‘She’s a Dreamer, She See’s Possibility Everywhere’

I’m off I’m going to Indonesia to study Yoga at a deeper level Something about me: I don’t really stay still. I can’t even sit still. I’m always trying to stand on my head, move my body, or just my mouth (I talk quite a lot!). Maybe it’s because I live in a bustling ‘rat-race’ … More ‘She’s a Dreamer, She See’s Possibility Everywhere’

Is That a Mat on Your Back or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

There’s something about carrying a yoga mat on your back that turns heads. I definitely get more attention when I have my yoga mat in tow. It’s a bit like having a wing man who can’t speak. He doesn’t need to. For some reason, He makes you worth looking at. He’s like that missing limb, … More Is That a Mat on Your Back or Are You Just Happy to See Me?