Classes, Retreats, Workshops


I am based in the Tunbridge Wells area, teaching at Toni’s Pilates in BlackhamBora in Tunbridge Wells and The Mind Body Clinic in Tonbridge. Home visits can be arranged in these areas and all in between, please message me directly to organise all classes.


Morning private appointments- Various Locations, *Limited availability*

6pm- Springboard Pilates. Toni’s Pilates, Blackham

7pm- Candlelit Yin Yoga. Toni’s Pilates, Blackham

8:15pm- Ballet Inspired Pilates. Toni’s Pilates, Blackham



8:30am- Reformer Pilates. Toni’s Pilates, Blackham

9:30am- Gentle Yoga. Toni’s Pilates, Blackham

10:30am- Private appointment. Toni’s Pilates, Blackham. *Taken* 

5:40pm- Mat Pilates. The Mind Body Clinic, Tonbridge *Limited availability*

6:45pm- Mat Pilates. The Mind Body Clinic, Tonbridge *Fully Booked*

7:50pm- Mat Pilates. The Mind Body Clinic, Tonbridge *Fully Booked*



Morning private appointments- Various Locations, *Limited availability*

12:30pm- Reformer Pilates. PILATES TEACHERS ONLY. Toni’s Pilates, Blackham

5.30pm- Reformer Pilates. Toni’s Pilates, Blackham

6.30pm- Back Care Reformer Pilates. Toni’s Pilates, Blackham (A specialist class for those with low back and hip discomfort/ weakness)



Morning private appointments- Toni’s Pilates, Blackham *Limited availability*

12:30pm- Reformer Pilates. Toni’s Pilates, Blackham



8:30am- Athletic Reformer Pilates. Toni’s Pilates, Blackham

9:30am- Reformer Pilates. Toni’s Pilates, Blackham

10:30am- Gentle Yoga. Toni’s Pilates, Blackham

11:30am- Private appointment. Toni’s Pilates, Blackham. *Taken* 



Currently I am enjoying settling back into UK life after 3 years living abroad and I do not have any retreats booked. I aim to add these in 2019. However, private retreats can be arranged easily, working to your budget and timescales. Please message me directly for more information.

All retreats include meditation, mindfulness, self development and your choice of Yoga and/or Pilates classes.



To continue in 2019


Please contact me directly for bookings and further information, including updates.