Spark Your Sukha

Charlette is the Co-Founder of Spark Your Sukha.

What is ‘Spark’?


Sukha is a Sanskrit word meaning an authentic and lasting state of  happiness, pleasure, ease and bliss.  

“‘Spark Your Sukha’ will challenge you to express yourself in the most creative ways.

Imagine if everyone in the world was doing what made them happy? Why do you want the things you want? What beliefs are your own, and which are handed down to you? How do I show myself and others love? These are just a few topics deeply explored with ‘Spark Your Sukha’ that have brought about life changing ideas, better relationships, a confidence boost in values and a kick in the ass to take action and control of choices.

‘Spark Your Sukha’ is simple and profound. Peaceful yet wild.

Most of all Meg, Charlette, and ‘Spark Your Sukha’ are fun as hell.

Very little is needed to make a happy life … all you need is a little ‘Spark’ on the journey.

-Megan Guthmiller”