Back Care Workshop

Suitable for anyone with back pain or discomfort

as well as movement teachers.

* Learn why your health practitioner can’t tell you exactly what’s happened to your spine and why it doesn’t matter

* Learn exercises, specific to you, that you can use at home to strengthen your spine and increase flexibility in the right places in your body, resulting in balance though the spine and whole body, which can lead to a reduction or removal of pain and discomfort in the spine and hips

* Discuss the spine and how Pilates can help reduce and often remove back pain

* Learn how to assess your own movement patterns and posture

* Learn to move more confidently and freely, yes, just from 1 workshop!

* We will end with a short relaxation class and discover your ‘emergency/first aid’ poses that you can use at home if you have any periods of discomfort.

Charlette is a Pilates and yoga teacher, specialising in backcare and fatigue. Charlette is a Low Back Pain and Back4Good Practitioner and has led this workshop all over the world, including Europe, The Middle East and Indonesia.

Please contact Charlette directly HERE for bookings
£30 per person

For any questions please write below or message Charlette directly