Back Care Workshop 3: Neck and Shoulders

Suitable for anyone with back pain or discomfort

as well as movement teachers.


The shoulders ‘float’ on the ribcage. Any restriction in the shoulders can cause a restriction in thoracic spinal movement (upper and mid back). Equally, restriction in the shoulders could be coming from a restriction in the spine.

This workshop is designed to address both the shoulders and back, and get you moving freely again!

This workshop is for you if:

  • You have tight, elevated, or painful shoulders
  • Lifting your arms above your head causes you discomfort or pain
  • You have restricted movement in your shoulders
  • You are prone to injury in your shoulders

You will learn:

  • Simple and effective techniques to release your shoulders in your own time
  • Move your shoulders more freely and with reduced pain
  • Learn how to strengthen shoulders and neck through movement to avoid repeat injuries and stiffness


Please contact Charlette directly HERE for bookings
£30 per person

For any questions please write below or message Charlette directly