Back Care Workshop 2: Hips and Low Back

Suitable for anyone with back pain or discomfort

as well as movement teachers.


The hips and pelvis thrust you forwards and absorb all of the shock from hitting the ground when we walk. That’s why it’s really important to take a look at how the hips and pelvis are sitting and and whether they are causing the back to over compensate not just through walking but in all functional movement too.

In this workshop we will cover:

  • SI stability and re-positioning exercises
  • What is normal for my hips?
  • Find out if your low back is stiff because your hips aren’t moving as they should and how to correct this
  • Hip and low back release exercises
  • Myofacial release

Charlette is a Pilates and yoga teacher, specialising in backcare and fatigue. Charlette is a Low Back Pain and Back4Good Practitioner and has led this workshop all over the world, including Europe, The Middle East and Indonesia.

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£30 per person

For any questions please write below or message Charlette directly