Giving A Little BACCH

  Karma Yoga – ” Completing selfless actions to reach a point of mental purification, oneness with humanity and inner peace” Something I feel strongly about is donating to worth while causes I have donated some time to a Children’s hospice in the Middle East called BACCH. It’s a really special hospital for children who … More Giving A Little BACCH

Pilates and Asthma

I have been lucky enough to recently work with a client who suffered from very bad asthma. I am pleased to be seeing her asthma improve as a result of her new found love of Pilates and our private weekly sessions and it has brought back to my attention the real importance of breathing properly … More Pilates and Asthma

‘She’s a Dreamer, She See’s Possibility Everywhere’

I’m off I’m going to Indonesia to study Yoga at a deeper level Something about me: I don’t really stay still. I can’t even sit still. I’m always trying to stand on my head, move my body, or just my mouth (I talk quite a lot!). Maybe it’s because I live in a bustling ‘rat-race’ … More ‘She’s a Dreamer, She See’s Possibility Everywhere’

Is That a Mat on Your Back or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

There’s something about carrying a yoga mat on your back that turns heads. I definitely get more attention when I have my yoga mat in tow. It’s a bit like having a wing man who can’t speak. He doesn’t need to. For some reason, He makes you worth looking at. He’s like that missing limb, … More Is That a Mat on Your Back or Are You Just Happy to See Me?