Giving A Little BACCH


Karma Yoga –
” Completing selfless actions to reach a point of mental purification, oneness with humanity and inner peace”

Something I feel strongly about is donating to worth while causes

I have donated some time to a Children’s hospice in the Middle East called BACCH. It’s a really special hospital for children who have limited life expectancy due to various illnesses. I have taught some of the children’s Mum’s there and I hoped to teach the children.


Examples of Karma Yoga can be anything from sweeping the floor to teaching a free yoga class to those who can’t afford it. Karma Yoga isn’t just for people who yoga.

In Karma Yoga you aren’t supposed to become attached in anyway to the deed that you are doing, having no emotional response to the outcome or result of your work. I find that hard with the time I donated to BACCH. It’s a tall order to not to feel some kind of satisfaction from being involved in such an amazing place that is dedicated to making a difference to the lives of people.

Let me tell you what it’s like at BACCH

It feels like a big playground. They have a Ferris wheel, a music room, a cinema room, a ‘magic carpet’, a sensory room, a water room, an art room, a theatre (so the children can put on shows for their parents), a school room, and everything in the building is tactile. Because of the drugs they have to take, the children’s sensory receptors can stop working, so the building really encourages touch; All of the walls feel different, with little games in the walls- you can slide bricks and push buttons; and even the floor too, soft, fluffy, scratchy and in one room there’s coloured gel under the floor so it changes colour as it slides under your feet.

It’s purely donation run, so the families don’t have to pay for treatment. It’s the only one of it’s kind in the Middle East.. I could talk about it forever, but one more thing- They have ‘beach chalets’ so that the whole family can spend time together for a weekend, and the whole family is taken care of- the kids, obviously, but the parents too. For example, people come and donate their time and they will give yoga classes to the mums (like me!) or beauticians will come and do their hair, nails etc.
(me and some of the mum’s)
So, I feel things when I donate my time at BACCH… Does this make it Karma Yoga? I’m not sure, but I’m going to continue to do my donating thing and not put a label on it… like ‘karma yoga’.
Here’s the website if you want to see more..

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