‘She’s a Dreamer, She See’s Possibility Everywhere’

I’m off

I’m going to Indonesia to study Yoga at a deeper level

Something about me: I don’t really stay still. I can’t even sit still. I’m always trying to stand on my head, move my body, or just my mouth (I talk quite a lot!). Maybe it’s because I live in a bustling ‘rat-race’ part of the world? But this bouncing around is reflected in my ever growing desire to see the world, experience the world… every corner of it.

I am always drawn home, that is of course where my heart is; but I haven’t been able to settle anywhere. To me, exploring the colours, tastes, weathers of the world is the most exciting addiction and I’m definitely a thrill seeker.

On a deeper level I know I’m probably chasing something that needs to be satisfied from within… I just haven’t found what that is yet.

So off I go, Yoga training, volunteer work and traveling in Indonesia.


What I hope to gain from this:

Ultimately, I would like to become a better teacher. That’s the first stop on this journey. I’m going to study chanting, meditation (We all know how I need to practise this one!), pranayama, and asana in addition to yogic philosophy and physical and energetic anatomy.

Stop number two is the volunteer work. I’m going to get me some good Karma. I love animals and children. I haven’t planned the volunteer work yet but I want to give something back and help, in some way, if I can.

Apparently Volunteer work can lower stress and increase your immune system… that sounds like  a win-win situation to me.

Finally I’m going to travel a bit. Open my mind to a new culture, hopefully a new way of living, eating and a slower pace of life. See if I learn anything new that I want to adopt for my life when I get back home.

And mainly from the full trip, I hope I can get one step closer to being the best me that I can be. Gain some rest from within and some much needed direction for my endless energy.

Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do

It might not be sensible to the average career driven workaholic but I think it’s very sensible to invest in what makes you happy.

I’ll keep you posted and I hope I can inspire you to do something that will make you happy too.



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