Is That a Mat on Your Back or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

There’s something about carrying a yoga mat on your back that turns heads.

I definitely get more attention when I have my yoga mat in tow. It’s a bit like having a wing man who can’t speak. He doesn’t need to. For some reason, He makes you worth looking at. He’s like that missing limb, that sexy missing limb that makes guys and girls want to know more about you.

I do wonder what people think when they see me carrying a mat, and why they are more interested in me with the mat than without. I don’t have any ‘loud’ or particularly ‘special’ looking mats. And I am talking about a rolled up mat here, I don’t throw an open mat on my head and jog off to class.

The big question is… Does a yoga mat make someone more desirable?

This has me wondering what I think when I see people with a mat. I suppose it’s a mutual respect, a wonder of who their teacher is and if can I work out how good they are at yoga just by looking at them.

I suppose it’s obvious that people with a mat work out… that they are… bendy perhaps. And when carrying a mat, one is usually in yoga or Pilates clothes and I suppose tight clothes can accentuate certain areas.

I, personally find it very attractive to see a guy with a mat on his back. That small group of men that enjoy yoga instead of turning their noses up because it’s a ‘girls sport’ are so nice to meet. And that other group that aren’t sure but they will give it a go… How refreshing.

I think for me it’s a reassurance that you have a mutual interest, and that is intriguing to me.

Apart from the obvious statement, that you’re off to class, that mat is also a small window into you as a person. You’re either someone who practises regularly and therefore shows an interest in looking after your body, which… let’s face it, is attractive. Or you are someone who is trying out yoga and therefore showing an interest in looking after your body, which is… attractive.

Or, there is the alternative that your flat mate left their yoga mat at home and you had to carry it to them on your way to do the food shop. In which case, buy some spinach man and make sure you curl those shopping bags all the way home.

When I ‘wear’ my mat, I also wear my smile. I’m either looking forward to class or I’m feeling wonderful having just completed class. Smiles are attractive, right? And doesn’t knowing that you’re doing good for your body and your mind make you smile? Hell, it even makes me feel a little smug sometimes! And proud. I’d go as far as to say I’m proud for making good choices and going to Yoga.

Practising yoga, Pilates, breathing full for an hour, it all gets your circulation going. When you leave class I guarantee you will be glowing just that little bit more than you did before. Flushed faces and rosey cheeks, sweaty backs and strong arms. Jeeze.

Deep breath

Okay so. It’s fair to say that in conclusion, it is an attractive quality to look after your body! And if you are a fellow yogi then you will know that to be a good one you have to put in the hours. Determination and a strong mind… also attractive.

So the mat. It’s a bit like waving a rolled up flag… I’m bendy, I’m strong and I look after myself.

What’s not to like?


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