Another Article About Practicing Mindfulness…

If you’re like me and you follow people who promote a healthy lifestyle then I’m sure you’ve come across the word ‘mindfulness’.

I’ve seen this word mentioned so many times that my mind has just stopped registering it.
Just, yawn.
I don’t read those ones.

On the bus home yesterday I was chomping on a gluten free guacamole wrap and some other crap I had in my bag whilst playing around on my phone. Looking out of the window, I remember a thinking for a second that my trousers are tighter today than they were last time I wore them before flicking between songs on my headphones and trying to read the paper over someone’s shoulder. I then dipped my hand in my bag, whisked up the empty wrappers and was sad to realise I’d finished all of my food.
Really? I’m not full though… I thought.
I went into a panic, an ACTUAL PANIC (true story) about how I can get some more food before my next class and should I actually be eating just before a class… Oh no! I’ve eaten too much before a class. What if I burp whilst I’m teaching?
Sssshhhhh…. You just ate. So just shhh. Nope. Stop it.
Go teach.

And then I..

And I thought..

When I leave here I’m going to that coffee shop around to corner for a treat because I want something else in my face.

And then I just enjoyed my class and I stopped thinking about food.

And then as I trotted home, thoughts started creeping back to me… I have SO MAHHNY THINGS TO DO… I’m so tired, I wonder what state I left the house in? Sh*t I left my iPad at… Where is my iPad? Oh no… NO. I’ve walked past the coffee shop.
Oh yeah, I’m still hungry again. Am I though? Because I did eat quiiiite a lot of foooood…


I’m a complete mess

So I stopped in the park by my house, lay down and looked up at a tree and I told myself to shut up.

It was so nice, so quiet, so peaceful. The tree was nice.

And then I heard my voice in my head again (come on we all talk to ourselves)

I said… ‘Mindfulness..?’

Hmmm… Maybe I’ll read up on that now.



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