Feed Me Your Food Philosophy

Sure, it’s very simple and I’m sure you’ve heard other people bang on about it.

Eat clean, drink clean but don’t take life too seriously.

Oh, and just eat when you’re hungry.

I don’t like the word ‘Diet’

Diets are hideous things and suggest to me that there is an end goal. Why should you ‘end’ eating well? If your diet is unhealthy then yes, end it. Immediately. But if you eat to feed your body effectively so that is can function at its best capability then you shouldn’t need to change anything. It’s a much simpler and less stressful way of life.

I also find that goal posts move, frequently. As soon as we start to see the ‘end goal’ we set a new one. We humans love to set a challenge! If you think like this, you’ll never be happy or satisfied.

Everyone has their own version of clean eating. Probably because everyone has their own body and bodies are all different. I have taken time to cut out different food groups to see the difference it makes in my own body. I’ve also added super foods to my diet at different times to see how they make me feel. I suggest you do the same, and have fun with it. It’s very satisfying learning how food can increase an area of your life and then finding your own way to include that food and then seeing the transformation. (I’ve used food to clear my skin, increase my energy, increase my metabolism, heal scars, the list goes on… Food is amazing and I will share more on this soon).

Why don’t I believe in quick fixes?

Quick fixes never last. They undo as quickly as they ‘do’. And they can create problems. Did you know that it takes at least 21 days to truly form a habit? Wanting to change something quickly also suggests to me that you’re not fully committed to changing. Every step of the way should be enjoyed and rewarding, it’s a process and it can be fun. Quick fixes in regards to eating are very bad for your mind too. Make a change when you’re ready, not because you feel pressure from anyone… And that includes pressure from yourself.

So, what do I eat then?

I personally feel great eating gluten and dairy free. I don’t like to eat refined sugar although I don’t hide from it. I choose brown pasta and rice over white and I prefer goats milk or coconut or almond milk to cows milk. I don’t like soya milk and there have been a lot of studies recently that show soya has high levels of a hormone that reacts with your body in the same way estrogen does and I’ve got enough of that, thanks!

If there is something ‘naughty’ that I like, I find an alternative, healthier option that tastes the same. When I play with healthy ingredients and the end result tastes just as good as the bad stuff, I am a very happy lady!

Here’s why I stay away from refined sugar
And here’s another very interesting video on how the body reacts to food.


My final food philosophy is the most important and one from the heart.

It’s all in your mind

Your mind is an extremely powerful organ. It controls how your body functions and it can stop things from functioning too. Be nice to yourself and let go of the limitations you have in your own mind. You can do whatever you want to do and have whatever you want to have, as long as you believe you are worthy of it. I think you are, what do you think?


2 thoughts on “Feed Me Your Food Philosophy

  1. Great post! Completely agree with your perspective on diets and quick fixes. What you eat doesn’t need to be that complicated, just eat real food and find some level of moderation. Very well written.

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