Yoga. It’s All a Load of ‘Uuuummm…’

image (5)

Excuse me?!

Can you put your leg behind your head? (Didn’t think so, champ)

If you have this view on yoga then I’m guessing you’ve never done a Vinyasa flow class. Or Hot Power Yoga. Or an inversion. OR managed to actually meditate. Or got into a ‘bind’.

Yoga, my friend, is Bloomin’ hard work!

Not only are you encouraged into all sort of strange positions that require stretching in all directions of all sorts of muscles you didn’t even know you have, it requires immense strength in even more muscles (that you didn’t know you have) to hold these positions. Then your endurance is called upon to continue to come into these positions and continue to hold them.

Okay, maybe I’m not selling this to you…

Yes, it’s hard work. But… It is also i.n.c.r.e.d.i.b.l.e…

To allow your body to manipulate into these weird and wonderful positions that you never thought you could do gives you a prodigious strength from within. The confidence that yoga gives is carried in to all areas of your life without you even trying.

I would find myself at work thinking… It’s almost biscuit o’clock, I’m so tired; I can’t be bothered to write this report. I’m SO BORED. And then I’d remember… This morning I was standing on my head, unassisted. Yeah, okay report, let’s make you the best god-damn report this office has ever SEEN!

Bosh. Suddenly I’m a report-bashing legend.

I’m able to tackle everything in life, yes everything. Something’s are easier than others and of course I have bad days too but I will find a way to tackle everything that gets thrown my way.

Yoga changes your mind-set. Suddenly nothing is too hard. It’s a challenge to overcome that will add to your growing strength. Therefore challenges become appreciated (granted, this is usually once they are over).

I, personally, am pretty darn strong. And I’m proud to say that. You should be too. When you feel this strong your world opens up and your dreams feel more realistically achievable.

My message here?

Go forth. Try Yoga. Be strong (Become a report-bashing legend)


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