I’m Charlette

I am an Advanced Pilates Teacher and Exercise Referral Practitioner specialising in back care. A qualified Nutritional Adviser, Yoga Teacher and Mindfulness Coach.

As a teacher, I train people how to move functionally and how to get the most from their lives by using their physical bodies, overcoming and preventing dis-ease within the body and connect with their emotional body to lead to a path of reaching personal physical and mental goals.

I have a passion for health and wellness, believing that everyone has the capacity to feel happy and move with ease. My method aims to bring my clients back to the careless and freeing feeling we all had within our bodies as children.

I spent my childhood and teens in ballet slippers and tutu’s and have received an education in ballet training which fueled my desire to teach movement as a career. This fun side of my personality has joined with a more mature passion for longevity and the belief that we can remain strong, toned, flexible, healthy and feeling wonderful at any age, and has led me to a deeper path of learning about the body in both a preventive and rehabilitative approach.

I came to Charlette with a pain in my shoulder and hopes to start working out regularly.
Four months later I have been transformed… The pain has gone and I can’t miss a class with her, at the end of each session I feel so proud of myself. Charlette is a wonderful teacher, she brings out the best in you, she is cheerful, funny, and she motivates. She will always ensure that you correctly perform every exercise… I keep hearing her all day, outside of class “ribs connected, stay neutral!”

-Alia Al Essa, Kuwait

Where in the world am I?

I am currently based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK and teach workshops and retreats around the world, as well as online. Details can be found here:

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For a full list of my educational and professional background, please take a look at my LinkedIn page:

Charlette Pomme